Liz Hensler, Founder

A note from me:
Hi folks, welcome to Aria Fritta.

I wanted to start us off by introducing myself: I’m Liz, the founder of Aria Fritta. I’m a New York City based, non-profit professional. I’ve been focused on community engagement for most of my career. This means that most of my time is spent talking to and getting to know people in the community. I’ve been lucky enough to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of great people with fascinating stories, not just here in New York, but across the world. It seemed selfish not to find a way to share these people with you.

So…Aria Fritta. Aria Fritta is an Italian term that literally translates to “Fried” or “Hot” air. Besides being my favorite term, I thought it was descriptive of what this website is: conversations with people, about anything or nothing or some combination of the two.

Each conversation will have two components, you can read the written interview, transcribed and edited by yours truly, you can listen to the whole conversation on Soundcloud or linked here in the blog, or of course, you can do both! Follow Aria Fritta for email updates for each new conversation and follow us on Instagram: @ariafrittaorg. We’ll have links to things we’ve discussed from each interview in bottom of each post.

If you’d like to sit down with me or you know someone who would, please email us! You can find the email link in the Contact tab. And, of course if you have a question or just want to say hi, you can email me about that, too.

Thanks for tuning in!

Some Fun Facts about Liz
The Basics:
Where am I from? Born in Allentown, PA (yes, like the Billy Joel song), I’ve moved around a bit: Hong Kong, Texas, back to PA, Italy, and have been in NYC for 3.5 years.
What do I love? My laundry list of loves includes: travel, reading, comedy, conspiracy theories, television, coffee mugs, public speaking, a good night’s sleep, and conversation.
Best piece of advice I’ve ever received: One of my college professors opened the first day of GOV 100 saying, “There are smart people and there are ignorant people on both sides of every issue. Think it through, listen, and articulate your point respectfully.”

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